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Pondmaster Pro 4800 Pump Vault for Pondless Waterfalls,
Pro Biological Filters, Waterfall Filters


Pondmaster Pro Biological Filter/Waterfall Filter


Combination Filter/Waterfall Unit, 1 1/2" bulkhead and 1 1/2" fittings for tubing, removable grate, filter media in heavyweight mesh bag and installation instructions



  • Comes with filter media
  • Extra wide spillway for greater aeration
  • Open swirl chamber for even and efficient water flow through media
  • Easily buried in ground to hide canister
  • Made from rugged, weather resistant polyethylene plastic
  • Can be installed side by side to create wider waterfalls
SKU Description Price Order
02480 Pondmaster Pro3000 Filterfalls 16" lip up to 3000 gph 147.95
02490 Pondmaster Pro5000 Filterfalls 18" lip up to 5000 gph 258.95

Pondmaster Pro 4800 Pump Vault for Pondless Waterfalls

  • Accomodates submersible pumps up to 5000 gph
  • Acts as a large pre-filter to protect submersible pumps from clogging
  • Built of rugged, weather resistant polyethylene plastic
  • Works great for waterfalls and streams
  • Can be safely buried below grade
  • Reinforced lid can withstand weight of stone
  • 23"L x 23" W x 25" H



SKU Description Price Order
02460 PondMaster Pro4800 Pump Vault 264.95
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