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UltraClear Water Treatments for Ponds and Water Gardens

UltraClear Biological Pond Clarifier improves clarity, cleans the water, reduces organic build-up, and removes odors. UltraClear Biological Pond Clarifier restores aquatic systems to natural health and beauty.

UltraClear is the environmentally friendly way to beautify your ponds and fountains. UltraClear works naturally and actually benefits the environment. UltraClear Biological Pond Clarifier is 100% safe for fish, wildlife, and turf. UltraClear Biological Pond clarifier will not harm fish or other wildlife that are in your pond or use your pond. And, UltraClear Biological Pond Clarifier is easy to use. Simply shake well and pour straight from the bottle according to the dosage instructions.

SKU Description Price Order
UCL1125 Ultra Clear Biological Pond Clarifier 12oz 8.95 Call to Order
UCL1000 Ultra Clear Biological Pond Clarifier 32oz 15.95 Call to Order
UCL1150 Ultra Clear Biological Pond Clarifier 1 Gal 52.95 Call to Order
 UltraClear SST
Mats of long filaments and scum that float on the pond surface are the source of pond clarity problems. These mats often break apart quite easily, which means that they may sometimes be difficult to remove with a net. Break-up and decay also causes undesirable suspended solids that can't be easily removed from the water.

Great for string algae

UltraClear SST Dry 22oz in a flow through bag for larger ponds. Use one pack per 10,000 gallons per month
SKU Description Price Order
UCL6010 UltraClear S.S.T. Super Strength Treatment 12oz 12.95 Call to Order
UCL6000 UltraClear S.S.T. Super Strength Treatment 32oz 22.95 Call to Order
UCL6005 UltraClear S.S.T. Super Strength Treatment 1gal 71.95 Call to Order
UltraClear Sludge Digester contains a variety of bacteria that digest sludge. It includes a class of bacteria that is facultative that works in an aerobic or anaerobic zone. First, it must be emphasized that Sludge Digester (or any biological product) is capable of digesting organic sludge, but not inorganic material such as sand, silt, or clay. Organic sludge refers to sludge of biological origin, such as leaves, grass, animal droppings, and dead algae.

Some natural bacteria have the ability to vigorously attack the basic building blocks of organic sludge, such as proteins, starches, fats, and cellulose. In fact, UltraClear Sludge Digester is super-enriched with these types of bacteria.

SKU Description Price Order
UCL7120 UltraClear Sludge Digester 12oz 11.95 Call to Order
UCL7125 UltraClear Sludge Digester 32oz 18.95 Call to Order
UCL7130 UltraClear Sludge Digester 1 gal 55.95 Call to Order
In order to protect your aquatic environment, a balanced biomass is required. Starting a biofilter often takes weeks before a proper biomass is established. Use of UltraClear Filter Start provides all of the bacteria needed to keep your pond healthy.
SKU Description Price Order
UCL1700 UltraClear Filter Start 4oz 6.95 Call to Order
UCL1720 UltraClear Filter Start 16oz 16.95 Call to Order
Ultra Clear Blue is formulated to instantly dye pond water blue. This product also blocks sunlight and is an excellent tool for providing a pleasant visual appearance versus water with unsightly suspended solids floating in it.

Ultra Clear Blue is completely biodegradable. It will be neutralized by many natural pond bacteria. This means that the blue color will dissipate within a month or two, depending on the particulars of the pond in question. Best of all, this means that there is no toxic or problematic build up from use of the product. This product is a great tool for pond enthusiasts.


SKU Description Price Order
UCL1310 UltraClear Blue Organic Pond Colorant 12oz 7.95 Call to Order
UCL1300 UltraClear Blue Organic Pond Colorant 32oz 14.95 Call to Order
UCL1305 UltraClear Blue Organic Pond Colorant 1 gal 41.95 Call to Order
UltraClear Instant Pond Clarifier UltraClear Instant pond clarifer produces and maintains crystal clear water overnight (usually 12-24 hours) Naturally, Safe for Fish and Plants.

Treats up to 6000 gallons per 12 oz
Treats up to 64,000 gallons per gallon
Poor clarity results from suspended and colloidal materials in the pond water. Examples of suspended material are fine clay or silt particles that do not settle, free-swimming algae or other microorganisms, and tiny bits of decaying organic matter. These materials are so small that they remain suspended and do not settle to the bottom. Colloidal materials are smaller yet, and stay in suspension.

Instant Pond Clarifier is a polymer product with the ability to clump small particles together. When these materials are clumped together by the action of Instant Pond Clarifier, they become larger and heavier and sink to the bottom or become large enough to be filtered out.
SKU Description Price Order
UCL1225 UltraClear Instant Pond Clarifier/flocculant 12oz 14.95 Call to Order
UCL1230 UltraClear Instant Pond Clarifier/flocculant 32oz 25.95 Call to Order
UCL1235 UltraClear Instant Pond Clarifier/flocculant 1 gal 66.95 Call to Order


UltraClear Koi Clay benefits your Koi & pond fish in several ways. It provides valuable trace minerals including calcium, magnesium and other trace elements for improved bone and scale growth, blood clotting and reduced loss of sodium and potassium from fish blood. It contains essential silica for removing harmful toxins and heavy metals. UltraClear Koi Clay also helps create an ideal habitat on the pond bottom for Koi fish to thrive and flourish.
UltraClear Koi Clay is 100% Bentonite Clay. The geometrically unique surface of the Bentonite Clay and the size or the particles is critical for bonding with and absorbing toxins such as heavy metals and pesticides that may enter the pond habitat
SKU Description Price Order
UCL3100 UltraClear Koi Clay 4 Lb 21.95 Call to Order
  • Quickly eliminates unsightly foam in Koi ponds, water gardens, fountains & statues.
  • Leaves water clean and clear by increasing surface tension of water.
  • Works in seconds.
  • Safe for fish, plants & wildlife.
  • Can be safely used with all other UltraClear products.
  • Convenient 16 ounce & gallon bottles available.

    Continued foaming on pond surface may indicate that there is an undesirable concentration of undissolved organic sludge or sediment on the bottom of the pond. See UltraClear Sludge Digester for treating this problem.

    Store in a cool, dry area away from direct sunlight.

    Dosage: Use 2 ounces per 1000 gallons of pond volume to be treated.
  • SKU Description Price Order
    UCL3316 UltraClear Defoamer 16oz 13.95 Call to Order
    UCL3350 UltraClear Defoamer 1-Gal 70.95 Call to Order
    UltraClear Dechlorinator  
    Tap water and well water often contain various chemicals that are unhealthy for pond and aquarium environments. For example, tap water often contains high residual chlorine or chloramines. Well water may contain more metals than are healthy, or may contain too much hardness.

    Dechlorinator from UltraClear is specially formulated to make tap water safe and healthy for all fish, wildlife, and plants?instantly.

    SKU Description Price Order
    UCL1800 UltraClear Dechlorinator 4-oz 5.95 Call to Order
    UCL1810 UltraClear Dechlorinator 16-oz 13.95 Call to Order
    UCL1805 UltraClear Dechlorinator 1 Gal 58.95 Call to Order


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