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Pond Water Test Kits


Pond Care Master Liquid Test Kit

Complete system for testing both tap and pond water. Contains four essential tests to protect fish from dangerous water conditions.

Tests include: pH, nitrite, ammonia, and salt. Each kit contains an instruction book, improved color cards for easier reading of test results, four test tubes and a holding tray.

SKU Description Price Order
164M Pond Care Master Liquid Test Kit 26.95 Call to Order
Individual Liquid test Kits
164F Pond Care 5 in 1 Dip Strips 11.95 Call to Order
160 Pond Care Wide Range PH test Kit 5.95 Call to Order
86 Pond Care Ammonia Test Kit 9.95 Call to Order

Pentair Test Strips

Pentair Aquatics now offers a complete line of custom designed test strips for all important pond water testing. These state of the are strips help ensure proper water environment for our outdoor fish and plants. 

Each vial features a leak proof, hinged pop-top lid and a wrap around desiccant liner to protect strips from moisture intrusion.   

  • 6 Way Test is for Alkalinity, pH, Nitrite, Nitrate, Hardness and Ammonia

  • 5 Way Test is for Alkalinity, pH, Nitrite, Nitrate, and Hardness

Pentair Aquatics; Lifegard; All Purpose 6-Way Pond Test Strip Kit
SKU Description Price Order
R440001 Pentair 6 Way All Purpose Test Kit 20.95 Call to Order
R440002 Pentair 5 way Test Strip 10.95 Call to Order
R440005 Pentair pH Test strip 7.95 Call to Order
Microbe-lift Test Strips

Water MUST be tested regularly to maintain good water quality.  Microbe-lift test strips bring you all the necessary test strips to monitor water quality in fresh, salt and/or pond water.  Our 5 NEW Microbe-lift Test Strips are quick , easy-to-use and accurate.
(each bottle holds 50 strips)

Microbe Lift Test Strips

SKU Description Price Order
EML145 Microbe-lift 5-in-1 Pond Test Strips 13.95 Call to Order


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