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PondCare® is now brought to you by A.P.I.

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Where possible, we have included detailed product information direct from the manufacturer to assist you in properly using these products. 

To learn more, simply click on a product picture or name below for a printable fact sheet.


A bacterial based pond clarifier that quickly clears murky, cloudy water and keeps it clean and clear through natural bacterial action. This triple action formula acts fast - clears pond water and breaks down sludge and offers a long term solution to un-clear pond water.

SKU Description Price Order
248B API Simply Clear 16oz treats 4000 gallons 13.95 Call to Order
248G API Simply Clear 32oz treats 8000 gallons 23.95 Call to Order
248D API Simply Clear 64oz treats 16000 gallons 41.95 Call to Order
248C API Simply Clear 1gal treats 32000 gallons 74.95 Call to Order
 Pond Salt

Evaporated sea salt with all of nature's minerals, using 4lbs of Pond Salt per 1000 gallons of pond water will help the fish and plants more than any single items on this website.  Dosage may be doubled for ponds without plants for healthier fish.

 Microbial Algae Clean  is the first bacterial algaecide registered with the EPA (Environmental Protection Agency). This product contains patented bacteria to control green water algae in ponds with live fish and plants. The bacteria help establish and maintain a clean pond, free of algae. They also help improve dissolved oxygen levels and reduce noxious odors from the pond.

 Aquatic Planting Media

Contains Zeolite- natures own soil conditioner.  Made from 100% natural minerals.  Perfect for all potted aquatic plants.  Won't float and clog pumps or filters. 

SKU Description Price Order
156C API  Pond Salt 4.4lbs  Treats 550 gallons 8.95 Call to Order
156 API Pond Salt 9.6 lbs  Treats 1200 gallons 17.95 Call to Order
106D API Pond Salt 50lb  Treats 10000 gallons 45.95 Call to Order
269B  API Microbial Algae Clean 16oz treats 4800 gal 13.95 Call to Order
269G  API Microbial Algae Clean 32oz treats 9600 gal 23.95 Call to Order
269D  API Microbial Algae Clean 64oz treats 19,200 gal 41.95 Call to Order
269C  API Microbial Algae Clean 1 gal treats 38,400 gal 70.95 Call to Order
187B  API Aquatic Planting Media 10lbs 12.95 Call to Order
187C  API Aquatic Planting Media 25-lbs 27.95 Call to Order
Pond Care
Ammo-Lock 2

Instantly detoxifies ammonia.  Removes chlorine and chloramine from tap water.  Eliminates ammonia stress and promotes healthy gill function.  Use every time tap water is added to pond.

Pond Care Melafix

Antibacterial remedy for the treatment of koi and goldfish diseases.  Treats ulcers and open wounds.  Rapidly repairs damaged fins.  Treats fin and tail rot.  Use when introducing new fish to pond.

Pond Care Pimafix

Antifungal remedy for koi and goldfish.  All natural formula rapidly treats fungal infections on body and fins of pond fish.  Also treats internal and external bacterial infections.

SKU Description Price Order
166B API Ammo-Lock  16 oz  Treats 1920 gallons 11.95 Call to Order
166D API Ammo-Lock  64oz Treats gallons 34.95 Call to Order
176B API Melafix 16oz  Treats 4800 gallons 12.95 Call to Order
176C API Melafix 2 liter  Treats 19000 gallons 43.95 Call to Order
178B API Pimafix  16 oz  Treats 2400 gallons 13.95 Call to Order
178C API Pimafix 64oz  Treats 9600 gallons 45.95 Call to Order
 Stress Coat

A unique water conditioner that replaces the natural mucous slime coating on the skin of pond fish when it has been damaged by handling, netting, or other forms of stress


Ecofix's unique, highly active strains of beneficial bacteria make pond water clear and clean, allowing you to see and enjoy your beautiful, healthy fish.

  Quick Start

Quick Start Live Nitrifying Bacteria for Spring Start Up - Immediately starts the biological filter. Ideal for spring start up - Quickly consumes ammonia and nitrites

SKU Description Price Order
140B API Stress Coat 16oz Treats 1920 gals. 10.95 Call to Order
140G API Stress Coat 32oz 19.95 Call to Order
140D API Stress Coat 64oz Treats 7680 gals 32.95 Call to Order
140C API Stress Coat 1 gal 58.95 Call to Order
147B API Ecofix 16oz Treats 4000 gals 12.95 Call to Order
147D API Ecofix 64oz Treats 17000 gals 36.95 Call to Order
147C API Ecofix 1 gal 66.95 Call to Order


Effectively controls many types of green or green water algae, string or hair algae and blanketweed in ponds that contain live plants. Controls existing algae and helps resolve additional algae blooms. Keeps ornamental ponds and water gardens clean & clear. E.P.A. Registration #8709-8. Can be used in ponds with plants!


Maintains crystal-clear pond water. Quickly clears cloudy pond water. Helps filters function more efficiently. Works by causing tiny suspended cloud particles in pond water to clump together. The clusters quickly fall to the bottom. Use Pond Zyme Plus or EcoFix along with Accu-Clear for incomparable pond cleanliness.


 Chlorine & Heavy Metal Neutralizer

Instantly neutralizes chlorine, copper, lead and zinc, as well as other heavy metals found in tap and well water, all of which may be toxic to fish and plants. One ounce treats 600 US gallons of pond water

SKU Description Price Order
169A API AlgaeFix 8 oz.           Treats   2,400 gals 8.95 Call to Order
169B API AlgaeFix 16 oz.         Treats   4,800 gals 12.95 Call to Order
169G API AlgaeFix 32oz 20.95 Call to Order
169D API AlgaeFix 64 oz.         Treats 19,200 gals 36.95 Call to Order
169C API AlgaeFix 1 gal 62.95 Call to Order
169J API AlgaeFix 2.5 gal 112.95 Call to Order
142B API Accu-Clear 16 oz.      Treats   4,800 gals 11.95 Call to Order
142G API Accu-Clear 32 oz 20.95 Call to Order
142D API Accu-Clear 64oz        Treats 19,200 gals 35.95 Call to Order
142C API Accu-Clear 1gal 65.95 Call to Order
141B Chlorine & Heavy Metal Neutralizer 16 oz. Treats 9,600 gals 10.95 Call to Order
141G Chlorine & Heavy Metal Neutralizer 32oz 19.95 Call to Order

 Pond Zyme® with Barley

Specially selected bacterial strains in Pond Zyme® Plus immediately begin breaking down fish waste and dead algae that cause cloudy water, sludge build-up, and debris that clogs pumps and filters.

Through natural nutrient competition and enzymatic action, Pond Zyme® Plus reduces pond maintenance and keeps pond water clean and clear.

Pond Zyme® Plus is a 100%-natural product, safe for all pond fish, plants and wildlife.

SKU Description Price Order
146 API Pond Zyme with barley Treats 9728 Gallons 13.95 Call to Order
146B API Pond Zyme with barley Dry Bacteria 1lb Treats 16000 gallons 23.95 Call to Order



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