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Crystal Clear Pond Water Treatments

ClarityMax+® The Ultimate Pond Cleaner

Removes Pond Owner’s Worst Pond Problem
Removes Slimy Debris From Ponds, Waterfalls & Streams
Safe For Use Around Aquatic & Domestic Animals

ClarityMax +’s® multi-purpose cleaning action cleans ponds with barley, bacteria, enzymes and a powerful secret ingredient. These substances clean, polish and break down organic materials that create problems for pond hobbyists on and around waterfalls, streams, plant pots and filtration systems.

ClarityMax +® contains Activated Barley. It is the only product that utilizes this patented process to combine bacteria cultures on barley. In tandem these ingredients help to remove and control pond hobbyist’s worst pond problem for the long term.

Biological Clarifier+® Sludge Remover & Clarifier

Removes Sludge & Odor Fast
Breaks Down Dead Algae, Leaves & Debris
Safe For All Aquatic & Domestic Animals

Biological Clarifier +® naturally removes sludge, odor, debris and decaying leaves with billions of bacteria colonies and 6 added enzymes. The result is a cleaner pond, healthier fish, improved dissolved oxygen levels and reduced ammonia levels.

Biological Clarifier +® contains Activated Barley and is the only product that utilizes a patented process to combine bacteria cultures on barley. In tandem these ingredients help to remove and control sludge, odor, grime & debris.


SKU Description Price Order
ARCC63 Crystal Clear Clarity Max Plus 2 lbs 59.95 Call to Order
ARCC66 Crystal Clear Clarity Max Plus 6 lbs 129.95 Call to Order
ARCC67 Crystal Clear Clarity Max Plus 25 lbs 399.95 Call to Order
ARCC03 Crystal Clear Bio Clarifier Plus 6 packets 11.95 Call to Order
CCB002-1 Crystal Clear Bio Clarifier Plus 12 packets 17.95 Call to Order
ARCC04 Crystal Clear Bio Clarifier Plus 24 packets 27.95 Call to Order
ARCC05 Crystal Clear Bio Clarifier Plus 96 packets 97.95 Call to Order
ARCC06 Crystal Clear Bio Clarifier Plus 300 packets 279.95 Call to Order
RapiClear® - Pond Flocculent

Clears Pond Water Fast
Makes Pond Water Sparkle
Safe For All Aquatic & Domestic Animals

RapiClear® is designed to clear cloudy, muddled pond water quickly, usually within 1-3 hours depending on the size of the pond. RapiClear® will quickly restore pond water to a brilliant shine. RapiClear’s® unique properties allow suspended particles in water to attract together and fall to the bottom of the pond where they can be vacuumed out or removed by filtration. The result is an extremely fast clearing of the pond.

PondTint® - Blue Colorant

Tints Water Brilliant Blue
Keeps Pond Water Clear
Safe For All Aquatic & Domestic Animals

PondTint® is a non-toxic pond dye designed to help keep water sparkling clean and cool. PondTint® provides a protective shield for pond water to keep unwanted clarity problems from arising in water gardens, ponds and lakes


SKU Description Price Order
ARCC30 Crystal Clear Rapiclear 16oz 9.95 Call to Order
ARCC31 Crystal Clear Rapiclear 32oz 15.95 Call to Order
ARCC32 Crystal Clear Rapiclear 64oz 27.95 Call to Order
ARCC33 Crystal Clear Rapiclear 1 gal 52.95 Call to Order
ARCC52 Crystal Clear Pond Tint 16oz 9.95 Call to Order
Nature’s Choice™ - Barley Straw Pellets

Fast Acting
Steady Release
Easy Application
3 Month Treatment

Nature’s Choice™ utilizes barley degradation technology to help manage pond problems all year long. When placed in an area of steady water flow Nature’s Choice™ will slowly degrade and emit a natural chemical that cleans and polishes pond water naturally


D-Solv9 - Complete Pond Cleaner

CrystalClear D-Solv9 is the fastest and most efficient water clarifier on the market today. CrystalClear D-Solv9 is designed to clear pond water in all sizes of ponds, fountains, bubblers and streams.

CrystalClear D-Solv9 contains a 9% solution of active product that is double that of competing brands, which allows you to use less per application. In fact, one 16 oz. bottle of CrystalClear D-Solv9 treats 9,600 gallons.

So no matter what you clarity problem is, D-Solv9 can help you FIX it.

SKU Description Price Order
ARCC74 Crystal Clear Barley Straw Pellets 2lb 15.95 Call to Order
ARCC78 Crystal Clear Barley Straw Pellets 5lb 20.95 Call to Order
CC075-8 Crystal Clear D-Solv9 8oz 7.95 Call to Order
ARCC92 Crystal Clear D-Solv9 16oz 10.95 Call to Order
CC075-32 Crystal Clear D-Solv9 32oz 17.95 Call to Order
CC075-64 Crystal Clear D-Solv9 64oz 31.95 Call to Order
ARCC57 Crystal Clear D-Solv9 1-Gal 55.95 Call to Order
CC075-2G Crystal Clear D-Solv9 2.5 Gal 94.95 Call to Order
Algae-Off® - String Algae Remover

Immediately Removes String Algae
Works On Contact
Money Back Guarantee
EPA Registered Algaecide

CrystalClear® Algae-Off® utilizes the latest in oxygen technology to remove string algae quickly and efficiently. CrystalClear® Algae-Off® is an EPA registered, granular algaecide that works in seconds, adds oxygen to the pond, removes odor and is the only water treatment product on the market with a money back guarantee

CrystalClear® MuckOff™ tablets are designed to sink to the bottom of the pond to quickly reduce muck and sludge caused from dead algae, leaves and fish waster. MuckOff™ easy-to-use tablets are a blend of natural bacteria and enzymes that help clear water by removing excess nutrients and reducing sediment. Use once every four weeks when water temperatures are above 50°F. 
SKU Description Price Order
ARCC81 Crystal Clear Algae-Off 8oz 9.95 Call to Order
ARCC82 Crystal Clear Algae-Off 2.5lb 16.95 Call to Order
ARCC83 Crystal Clear Algae-Off 10lb 57.95 Call to Order
ARCC84 Crystal Clear Algae-Off 25lb 119.95 Call to Order
Vanish™ - Dechlorinator Liquid

Immediately Removes Chlorine, Chloramine & Heavy Metals
Adds Fish Slime Coat Protectant
Safe For Use Around Aquatic & Domestic Animals

Vanish™ will immediately remove chlorine, chloramine and heavy metals that are often present in city water supplies. Vanish™ will also add a slime coat protectant to the water to help fish heal wounds and abrasions and protect them in times of stress (during water changes & clean-outs).

Vanish™ - Dechlorinator Dry

Immediately Removes Chlorine
Value Formula
Safe For All Aquatic & Domestic Animals

Vanish™ will immediately remove chlorine that is present in city water supplies. Chlorine is toxic to fish, left untreated chlorine can cause gill damage and leave fish
unable to breathe. Use Vanish™ when performing water changes or setting up a new pond.

SKU Description Price Order
ARCC15 Crystal Clear Vanish/Dechlorinator 8oz Liquid 6.95 Call to Order
ARCC16 Crystal Clear Vanish/Dechlorinator 16oz Liquid 11.95 Call to Order
ARCC17 Crystal Clear Vanish/Dechlorinator 32oz Liquid 18.95 Call to Order
ARCC19 Crystal Clear Vanish/Dechlorinator 1 gal Liquid 55.95 Call to Order
ARCC13 Crystal Clear Vanish/Dechlorinator 8oz Dry 8.95 Call to Order
ARCC14 Crystal Clear Vanish/Dechlorinator 2lb Dry 20.95 Call to Order
ARCC12 Crystal Clear Vanish/Dechlorinator 25lb Dry 189.95 Call to Order
Foam-B-Gone™ - Foam Remover

Removes Foam In Seconds
For Use In Ponds, Fountains & Statuary
Safe For All Aquatic & Domestic Animals

Foam-B-Gone™ will remove foam from water within seconds of application. Foam is usually caused by excessive organics present in pond water. Protein foam can be harmful and should be removed quickly.

CrystalClear® OneFix™ utilizes natural bacteria to digest suspended dead organics to help keep the pond balanced and the water crystal clear. OneFix™ is specifically designed to start working the second it hits the water. Use once every two weeks when water temperatures are above 50°F. 
SKU Description Price Order
ARCC73 Crystal Clear Foam B Gone 8oz 5.95 Call to Order
ARCC75 Crystal Clear Foam B Gone 1 gal 48.95 Call to Order
CC021-8  Crystal Clear OneFix 8 oz  6.95  Call to Order
CC021-16   Crystal Clear OneFix 16 oz   9.95  Call to Order 
CC021-32  Crystal Clear OneFix 32 oz   12.95  Call to Order 
CC021-64   Crystal Clear OneFix 64 oz   20.95  Call to Order 
CC021-1G  Crystal Clear OneFix 1 Gal   37.95  Call to Order 
SapHGuard® - pH Buffer

Prevents Wide pH Swings
Sustains pH At Safe Levels
Safe For All Aquatic & Domestic Animals

SapHGuard® when used as directed will stabilize pond water pH and maintain buffering capacity at safe levels (between 80-240ppm). SapHGuard® will help prevent wide pH swings which are typical from morning to night.

SapHGuard® makes pond water safe for fish and plants and helps keep water quality problems from arising in the hot summer months. Keeping a properly buffered system is essential for the completion of the nitrification process which allows harmful ammonia to be converted to nitrite and then to nitrate.

pHusion® - pH Reducer

Quickly & Safely Lowers pH
Increases Fish Electrolytic Uptake
Safe For All Aquatic & Domestic Animals

pHusion® fuses pH lowering qualities with natural electrolytic supplements to safely lower pH levels in pond water at no more than 0.2 points per application. pHusion® also adds much needed electrolytes to help fish maintain a strong slime coat and healthy appearance


SKU Description Price Order
ARCC11 Crystal Clear SapHGuard 2 lb 11.95 Call to Order
ARCC48 Crystal Clear Phusion Down 2lb 13.95 Call to Order
ARCC49 Crystal Clear Phusion Down 25lb 139.95 Call to Order
CrystalClear® Spring & Fall Prep contains cold water natural bacteria designed to accelerate the decomposition of leaves, twigs, muck and other sediment during the fall and winter months while replenishing winter bacteria loss during the spring. These easy-to-use, water soluble packets should be applied weekly to keep your pond looking its best even when water temperatures are between 40°F - 50°F.  As barley straw slowly ferments or rots, it produces a natural extract, which has been proven to clear pond water. While effective, this fermentation process has always been slow and messy, requiring the barley to be added early in the spring. Designed to eliminate these steps, CrystalClear® Barley Extract is fermented under ideal conditions capturing the powerful, all-natural barley extract, allowing it to work immediately out of the bottle, with no mess.

CrystalClear® Barley Extract is the natural solution to maintaining a clean and healthy pond all year long. Faster than barley pellets and cleaner than cumbersome bales, Barley Extract is a powerful liquid concentrate that goes to work fast. Now you can enjoy the benefits of barley straw without the mess and without the wait. 
SKU Description Price Order
CC026-6  Crystal Clear Spring & Fall Prep 6 packets  11.95  Call to Order
CC026-12  Crystal Clear Spring & Fall Prep 12 packets   17.95  Call to Order
CC026-24   Crystal Clear Spring & Fall Prep 24 packets   27.95  Call to Order
CC026-96  Crystal Clear Spring & Fall Prep 96 packets   97.95  Call to Order
CC095-8  Crystal Clear Barley Extract Liquid 8 oz  9.95  Call to Order
CC095-16  Crystal Clear Barley Extract Liquid 16 oz   11.95  Call to Order
CC095-32  Crystal Clear Barley Extract Liquid 32 oz   18.95  Call to Order
CC095-64  Crystal Clear Barley Extract Liquid 64 oz   32.95  Call to Order
CC095-1G  Crystal Clear Barley Extract Liquid 1 Gal   41.95  Call to Order
CC095-2G  Crystal Clear Barley Extract Liquid 2.5 Gal    97.95  Call to Order 
CrystalClear® Polish AC™ is bituminous coal that has been exposed to extreme heat which activates the carbon giving it powerful absorbing powers. The billions of pores within the carbon act as hundreds of sponges soaking in many pond pollutants such as tannins, ammonia, nitrite and nitrate. The result is a polished, healthy pond environment.  CrystalClear® Thrive™ slow release tablets will feed potted aquatic plants all season long, keeping them vigorous and beautiful. Simply use one tablet for every gallon of soil each month during the growing season. Push one tablet one finger deep into the soil, 3" from the crown of the plant. Press soil around the inserted tablet for best results. It is always a good idea to feed plants every two weeks when the water temperature rises above 75°F. 
SKU Description Price Order
CC090-5  Crystal Clear Polish AC 5 Lb  34.95 Call to Order
CC090-15  Crystal Clear Polish AC 15 Lb   94.95 Call to Order
CC017-60  Crystal Clear Plant Tablets 60ct  10.95  Call to Order
CC017-200  Crystal Clear Plant Tablets 200ct   25.95  Call to Order 
CrystalClear® KnockOut™ PLUS is an all natural, fish treatment that eliminates PLUS prevents external single-celled parasites or fungal infections. KnockOut™ PLUS works extremely well with pond fish species such as koi and goldfish and unlike most fish treatments, there is no need to remove your filters before treatment. Furthermore, when used routinely, KnockOut™ PLUS works as a strong preventative treatment. Use anytime new fish are added, during pond clean-outs, during spring start-up or any time fish are stressed.

KnockOut™ PLUS is a broad spectrum treatment for a variety of parasites including ichthyophthirius (Ick), sporozoan parasite, dinoflagellate infections as well as fungi such as saprolegnia, achlya, leptomitus and pythium. May be used with most invertebrates including snails. 
CrystalClear® WipeOut™ is excellent for controlling gill diseases in pond and aquarium fish. Bacterial diseases generally result from fish stress due to adverse water quality conditions (pH, oxygen or temperature problems), habitat clean-outs, untreated abrasions or predators. WipeOut™ works extremely well on pond fish species such as koi and goldfish as well as on commonly found aquarium fish species. WipeOut™ is excellent for controlling and preventing bacteria infections such as finrot and ulcers. 
SKU Description Price Order
CC136-16 Crystal Clear KnockOut 16 oz  9.95 Call to Order
CC136-1G Crystal Clear KnockOut 1 Gal  41.95  Call to Order
CC131-8  Crystal Clear WipeOut 8 oz  7.95 Call to Order
CrystalClear® ParaSalt™ is formulated to increase koi and goldfish electrolytic intake. Electrolytes are critical in building and maintaining a healthy slime coat. Electrolytes such as potassium are essential in wound repair and in times of heavy stress (ie – during water changes or clean-outs). Salt is excellent for mucous production when healing from a wound.

ParaSalt™ will also help ward off and remove most common protozoan parasites found in koi and goldfish such as: Dactylogyrus, Byrodcytulus, Epistylis, Trichodina and Chilodonella. ParaSalt™ can be used in a salt bath for heavy infestations or as a routine treatment to keep parasites from entering the pond environment. 
SKU Description Price Order
CC158-2  Crystal Clear ParaSalt 2 Lb  5.95  Call to Order
CC158-10 Crystal Clear ParaSalt 10 Lb   11.95 Call to Order
CC158-20 Crystal Clear ParaSalt 20 Lb   20.95  Call to Order



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