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Little Giant Pond Skimmers


Little Giant

Corrugated design for extra strength, anchoring, and anti-flotation. Large pump chamber. Molded bottom drain drill-outs and discharge ports on both sides. Lockable weir gate creates a compression seal to stop water flow to temporary maintenance/service. Removable inlet screen inhibits frogs, fish, etc. from entering the skimmer. Weir faceplate features molded ridges to help create a tight seal with pond liner. Sturdy, double-walled lid. Large biological brushes and durable aluminum-framed skimmer net.
SKU Description Price Order
FRA201  Little Giant Skimmer S1000 6.6" weir opening pump range 1000 - 3000 Gph  283.95 Call to Order
FRA202 Little Giant Skimmer S5000 9" weir opening pump range 3000 -5000 Gph 332.95 Call to Order
Corrugated design for extra strength, anchoring, and anti-flotation. BioVort vortex separator plate creates a cyclone-type up flow to help uniformly separate and evenly disperse debris across media and settle debris for less maintenance. Media consists of Matala® media pads provide mechanical filtration plus ideal surface environment for beneficial bacteria growth. Primary biological media bag and mesh bag included. Backflush outlet. Molded bottom inlet with 2” bulkhead fitting.  Durable stainless steel ring for easy liner attachment. Double-walled artificial rock ledge enhances the flow and sight & sound of cascading water.

Lit571010: F1000 model
14” waterfall outlet - for ponds up to 3000gal

Lit571011: F5000 model
23” waterfall outlet - for ponds 3000gal & up
SKU Description Price Order
FRA263 Little Giant Waterfall Filter F1000 for pond up to 3000 gallons and pumps from 1000-3000 GPH 14" spillway  417.95 Call to Order
FRA264 Little Giant Waterfall Filter F5000 For ponds up to 5000 Gallons and pumps from 3000-5000 GPH 23" spillway 526.95 Call to Order



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