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PondMaster Pond Pumps - Waterfall Pumps


PondMaster Pond Pumps

Mag-Drive Pumps
Submerged or In-Line 

Key features include:

  • High output with low energy use
  • Operates submerged or in-line
  • Only one moving part; the magnetic impeller
  • Foam pre-filter included
  • Ceramic shaft
  • Oil-free eliminates the risk of contaminating aquatic life
  • These pumps come with an 18ft. Grounded Cord.
PondMaster Pond Pumps
SKU Description Price Order
02520 Pondmaster Mag-drive 80gph Mag 1      Not for inline use 27.99
02521 Pondmaster Mag-drive 140gph Mag 1.5  Not for inline use 31.99
02519 Pondmaster Mag-drive 190gph Mag 1.9  Not for inline use 39.99
02522 Pondmaster Mag-drive 250gph Mag 2 71.99
02523 Pondmaster Mag-drive 350gph Mag 3 76.99
02525 Pondmaster Mag-drive 500gph Mag 5 86.99
02527 Pondmaster Mag-drive 700gph Mag 7 94.99
02720 Pondmaster Mag-drive 950gph Mag 9 123.99
02722 Pondmaster Mag-drive 1200gph Mag 12 165.99
02728 Pondmaster Mag-drive 1800gph Mag 18 194.99
02750 Pondmaster Mag-drive 2400gph Mag 24 240.99

Pondmaster Mag-drive pump Replacement Parts


are high-capacity pumps designed specifically for use in larger pond installations. These highly efficient units, featuring reliable ceramic bearings, deliver up to 3000GPH, enough to create a dynamic, attractive waterfall or drive a medium- to large-size in-pond skimmer.

• Low energy use
• Specifically designed for use with skimmers and waterfalls
• Powerful, efficient magnetic drive motor
• Fish safe because no oil is used
• Continuous duty operation
• Completely submersible
• Includes extra-large clog-resistant filter screen
• Back-flow check valve and 1-1/2" fittings supplied
• Extra long 20' power cord with grounded plug
• 1 Year warranty
Skimmer Pump
SKU Description Price Order
2650 Pondmaster Mag drive Waterfall Pump 2000 gph 145.95
2660 Pondmaster Mag drive Waterfall Pump 3000 gph 186.95
12660 Pondmaster Impeller for WF2000 (2650) 36.95
12665 Pondmaster Impeller for WF3000 (2660) 38.95


PondMaster Pro HY-DRIVE Pump
High Capacity Pond Pumps

The new Pondmaster Pro Hy-drive pumps are unique, high capacity pumps designed specifically for use in larger ponds.  The Pondmaster Pro Hy-drive pumps offer next generation design combining the benefits of magnetic and direct-drive technologies to deliver an extremely quiet, energy efficient, low maintenance pump.  The submersible Pondmaster Hy-drive pumps are surrounded by a heavy-duty polypropylene enclosure, which has a built-in carry handle and an effective molded-in debris screen.  HY-drive pumps can be positioned vertically or horizontally in the water.  The Pondmaster HY-drive pumps offer great flow for waterfalls  and skimmer applications while at the same time keeping energy consumption down. 

  • Powerful, efficient hybrid magnetic/direct drive motor
  • Self resetting thermal overload protection
  • Whisper-quiet operation
  • Continuous duty operation
  • Includes extra-large clog-resistant filter screened enclosure
  • Inline (below water line) and Submersible operation
  • Back-flow check valve supplied

SKU Description Price Order
2663 Pondmaster HY-Drive 1600 205.99
2665 Pondmaster HY-Drive 2100 233.99
2667 Pondmaster HY-Drive 2600 300.95
2680 Pondmaster HY-drive 3200 gph 272.95
2675 Pondmaster HY-drive 4000 gph 305.95
2670 Pondmaster HY-drive 4800 gph 345.95
2683 Pondmaster HY-Drive 6000 Gph 406.95


Pondmaster HyBrid Pumps

Pondmaster Hy-drive Pumps are even more versatile! With a rotating connector the pump can be placed anywhere and the tubing can be manipulated with ease. These rugged pumps are designed for use in ponds, handle long, continuous duty operation, and can be plumbed inline or submerged in the pond. The motor is thermally protected and extremely energy efficient. Each one comes with a pump bag to protect the intake and carries a 1 year limited manufacturer warranty.

Pondmaster Hybrid Drive Pond Pump features by model:

20210- 1900 Gph; 93 watts; .78 amps; max ht 10'. 

20215- 2550 Gph; 147watts; 1.25 amps; max ht 11.5'.

21220- 4850 Gph; 328watts; 3.0 amps; max ht 22.5'

20225- 6100 Gph; 520watts; 4.39 amps; max ht 28'

20230- 6600 Gph; 593watts; 4.94 amps; max ht 30.5'  

SKU Description Price Order
20210 Pondmaster Hybrid 1900 GPH Pump 189.99
20215 Pondmaster Hybrid 2550 GPH Pump 217.99
20220 Pondmaster Hybrid 4800 GPH pump 280.99
20225 Pondmaster Hybrid 6000 GPH pump 321.99
20230 Pondmaster Hybrid 6600 GPH pump 351.99
20235 Pondmaster Hybrid 7600 GPH pump 369.99


Pondmaster Skimmer Pond Pump

* Submersible skimmer pump with powerful Hy-Drive technology
* Upright design allows convenient placement in pond skimmer
* Magnetic/Direct Drive hybrid pond pump delivers reliable performance

Innovative pump design ensures powerful performance even in tight spaces. Pondmaster ProLine Hy-Drive Skimmer Pump employs hybrid technology that combines the power of direct drive pumps and the energy efficiency and safety of magnetic drive pumps. Unique upright design utilizes a rigid pre-filter to minimize pump footprint while protecting the pump from debris damage. Adjustable swivel pre-filter and included fitting allow convenient plumbing.

The Pondmaster ProLine Hy-Drive Skimmer Pump is designed to fit most pond skimmer filters while delivering reliable performance. Continuous duty pump moves large volumes of water silently and efficiently through filtration systems or to a waterfall, stream or fountain. High-efficiency vortex impeller and ceramic impeller shaft and bearings provide energy savings while maintaining high output. Includes Pump Bag for extra pump protection.

Pondmaster ProLine Hy-Drive Skimmer Pump Features:

  • Powerful, efficient hybrid Magnetic/Direct Drive motor
  • Silent and efficient operation
  • Specifically designed for use inside pond skimmers or pump vaults
  • Fish-safe because no oil is used
  • Continuous duty operation
  • Self-resetting thermal overload switch
  • Removable rotor assembly
  • Ceramic bearings and shaft
  • Vortex impeller
  • Rigid pre-filter stabilizes pump
  • 18 ft power cord with grounded plug
  • Convenient carry handle

Model Dimensions Max
Outlet Watts
1400 HH 6" x 4-1/2"x 13" high 1,400 22 ft 1-1/2"
2550 6" x 4-1/2"x 13" high 2,505 11-1/2" ft 1-1/2"
5100 HH 5-1/2" x 5-1/2"x 14" high 5,100 30 ft 1-1/2"
6600 5-1/2" x 5-1/2"x 14" high 6,625 30-1/2" ft 1-1/2"
SKU Description Price Order
SUP20350 Pondmaster Skimmer Pump 1400 GPH 212.95
SUP20355 Pondmaster Skimmer Pump 2550 GPH 219.95
SUP20360 Pondmaster Skimmer Pump 5100 Gph 317.99
SUP20365 Pondmaster Skimmer Pump 6600 GPH 353.99



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