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Oase Pond Lighting

Oase Lunaqua 10

Oase Lunaqua 10

The Lunaqua 10 range is a versatile lighting system, for underwater use in pond and professional fountain installations, or for out-of-water garden lighting and accenting applications.  The low-voltage Lunaqua 10 halogen light is safe to operate in all environments.

Comes with a 15ft cable with quick release plug, ground stake and mounting bracket.

Does not include transformer.

Available in LED (Note: Halogen no longer available)

Oase Lunaqua 3

The Oase Lunaqua 3 is extremly versitile. Can be used under water or above water. State of the art design and simple to install. Beam angle for 100 spotlight to 400 flood light. 3 year limited warranty

  • Features Adjustable beam for eather spotlight or flood light applications
  • includes ground stake,wall/floor bracket,spotlight foot nozzle bracket
  • Uses a 20W bulb
  • Requires low voltage transformer. Does not include transformer.
  • 16' power cable

    Available in LED (Note: Halogen no longer available)

Lunaqua 5.1 Underwater Pond Light

Oase Lunaqua 5.1

  • This 110 V in the Lunaqua range does not need a transformer in order to shine.
  • Lunaqua 5.1 is tested for underwater applications.
  • It uses 120 W Par38 bulbs for even, warm-tone illumination.
  • Without the need for a transformer, installation and control of the light becomes easy to accomplish.
  • Lunaqua 5.1 is a safe and economical 110 V alternative for underwater lighting needs.
SKU Description Price Order

Oase LunAqua 10 LED

259.00 Call to Order

Oase LunAqua 3 LED

59.00 Call to Order

Oase LunAqua Classic LED 3 pc Set

129.00 Call to Order

Oase LunAqua Underwater Transformer

199.00 Call to Order
OAS50492 Oase Power Splitter Box 12v ac/01 39.00 Call to Order





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