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Power Control Center

  • 50' Power cord
  • Line voltage and low voltage timers*Dual 110V and 12 volt, 150 watts maximum
  • Weather resistant construction for safety and durability
  • Mounting bosses for easy installation
Pond Lighting Power Control Center
The Power Control Center allows backyard water gardeners the flexibility of installing a pond where no electricity is near the pond site. Now you can control the operation of your pumps, U.V. clarifiers, underwater lights, and other necessary items with the Power Control Center. The ultimate luxury to power your pond.
SKU Description Price Order
CPSPC50 Cal Power Control Center 152.95 Call to Order
CAL124 75 watt transformer w/timer 50.95 Call to Order
CAL123 150 watt transformer w/timer 55.95 Call to Order
Alpine Multi-Light Transformers
Alpine Multi-Light Transformers

Connects up to four Alpine lights or appropriate wattage total. Adjustable timer for settings of auto, four, six, or eight hours which work with the photo cell.

2 year manufacturer warranty.

SKU Description Price Order
BKG90 Alpine 100 Watt transformer 47.95 Call to Order
BKM41 Alpine 200 Watt transformer 89.95 Call to Order
BKM43 Alpine 300 Watt transfomer 102.95 Call to Order


Remote Photo Cell/Timer Sensor Control
Remote Photo Cell/Timer Sensor Control

Versatile can be used on lights, pumps, or any electrical accessory. Programmable timer range is from 1 to 9 hours with dusk to dawn settings. Handles up to 1000 watts and/or up to 8.3 amps. 12V with two 110V AC inlets. TWO year manufacturer’s warranty. 3-ft cord.

SKU Description Price Order
BKM44 Pemote Photo Cell/Timer Sensor Control 25.95 Call to Order


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