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Pondmax Pond Filtration


Pondmax Pressure Filters with Ultraviolet Clarifiers
and without UV Clarifiers

The Pondmax Pressure Filters by Teton are available at Hemphill's Garden and Aquatic Center. These pressure filters are available with or without UV / UV Clarifiers.


PondMax Ultra Pressure FiltersPondMax Waterfall Pumps PU1000, PU1600, PU2400, PU3200

PondMax Ultra pressure filters are compact filtration systems for simple configuration and easy installation. They can be used in-line for waterfalls and water features.

• Pressure indicator to show when filter needs cleaning
• An integral backwash function that back-flushes the filter media
• Low maintenance with cleaning indicator and backwash rinsing system
• Large surface area of bio media to ensure maximum biological filtration
• Can be buried up to lid for in-ground use or can be used above ground
• Optional ultraviolet clarifier to help maintain crystal clear water
• Dimensions: 15.75"L x 14.5"W x 16"H

PondMAX Ultra Series Specifications




UVC Watts

Max Flow


Ultra Series 1200

600-1200 Gallons

13 Watts

1200 GPH


Ultra Series 2400

1200-2400 Gallons

13 Watts

1800 GPH


Ultra Series 3600

1800-3600 Gallons

18 Watts

2400 GPH


PondMax pressure filter ultra series specs
SKU Description Price Order

Pondmax Pressure Filters with UV and UV Clarifers


PondMax Pressure Filter w/9 watt UV Clarifier (23PE279)

274.98 Call to Order

PondMax Pressure Filter w/13 watt UV Clarifier (23PE280)

424.98 Call to Order

PondMax Pressure Filter w/18 watt UV Clarifier (23PE281)

499.98 Call to Order

PondMax Pressure Filter w/24 watt UV Clarifier (23PE282)

629.98 Call to Order

PondMax Pressure Filter w/36 watt UV (23PE287)

699.98 Call to Order
PF7200UV PondMax Pressure Filter w/55 watt UV (23PE288) 849.98 Call to Order
SF650 PM650

PondMax All in One Pump UVC Filter system (23PF312)

239.98 Call to Order


PondMax 650 How to Assemble the All in One Pump UVC Filter System


PondMax 650 Pond Pump In-Pond Installation Instructions

SKU Description Price Order

Pondmax Pressure Filters without UV


PondMax Pressure Filter (23PE283)

189.98 Call to Order
PF1200 PondMax Pressure Filter (23PE284) 299.98 Call to Order

PondMax Pressure Filter (23PE285)

399.98 Call to Order

PondMax Pressure Filter (23PE286)

524.98 Call to Order
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