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Natural Pond Filters


Natural Filters NF0, NF1, NF2 - Pond Filtration Systems

Natural Pond Filters The movement of water across plant roots in a natural filter encourages increased nutrient consumption leaving less nutrients available for pea-soup algae to thrive.

A natural filter need only be 10% of the pond surface area to be effective. 

Use a pre-filter before pump to provide maximum time between maintenance. Medium and large models feature removable bio media trays for easy maintenance. All filters have two outlets.
Style Pond Size Max Flow Dimensions
150 - 300 gals
600 gph 20" x 10.5"   With a 1" lip
NF-1 300 - 600 gals 1200 gph 24" x 13"   With a 2" lip
NF-2 600 - 1200 gals 3000 gph 32" x 12"   With a 2" lip
SKU Description Price Order
NF-0 Natural Filter 0  Overflow width 5.7 inches 74.95 Call to Order
NF-1 Natural Filter 1  Overflow width 7.25 inches 86.95 Call to Order
NF-2 Natural Filter 2  Overflow width 9 inches 130.95 Call to Order



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