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Savio Springflo Bio-Filter Media is a polypropylene and calcium carbonate ribbon. The embossed pattern creates millions of dimples to rapidly secure and develop bacteria. Easy to use and maintain, inexpensive, and resists channeling, clogging, and compaction in up-flow and horizontal flow environments. 180 square feet of surface area per box. Fills 2-3 cubic feet. Each box is enough to filter approximately 1000 gallons.

SKU Description Price Order
SAV218  Savio Springflo Bio Filter Media  55.95 Call to Order
SAV219  Savio Springflo Media Bag 8.95 Call to Order

Atlantic Filter Falls BioBag Pond Filter Media

Atlantic Filterfalls BioBag comes with 1 cubic foot of Bio Tech Filter Media. Promotes the growth of water filtering bacteria.

SKU Description Price Order
ATLBB1000  Atlantic Bio Filter Media  21.95 Call to Order

Black Bacti-Twist Pond Filter Media

This black, spiral shaped plastic filter media has been designed for filtration in garden ponds and other aquatic systems. Loose fill media will fit into any filter box or pond filter, including up flow filters, trickling biofilters and pressurized filter systems.

This filter media provides a large surface area of 95 square foot of space per cubic foot for beneficial bacteria to colonize. Each cubic foot of Black Bacti Twist Pond Filter Material is packaged in a black nylon mesh bag.

SKU Description Price Order
BACT1001     Call to Order
Bio Balls Black Plastic Pond Biomedia
enables handling of large biological loads with smaller filter area.
One gallon = approximately 225 bio balls which = surface area of approximately 21.5 sq.ft.
Use approximately 1 gal per 45-60 gal
SKU Description Price Order
POLAF791 1 gal of bioballs    Call to Order
POLAF792 5 gal of bioballs   Call to Order
POLAF793 Bulk approx 9600 bioballs   Call to Order

Laguna 350 Gram BioMax Pond Filter BiomediaLaguna Bio-Max Pond Filter Media

Laguna Bio-Max Biological Filter Media provides a large surface area for beneficial nitrifying bacteria to colonize. Helps to maintain healthy, biological conditions by removing toxic ammonia and nitrites. Easy to clean.

Laguna BioMax Pond Filter Media is supplied in a 350g Box

SKU Description Price Order
Lag0560 Laguna Bio-Max Pond filter media   Call to Order

Center channel allows the balls to be

strung together making cleaning easier

Textured surface maximizes

space for beneficial bacteria

populations and water retention

Maximizes dissolved oxygen levels

Compact size allows for

placement into smaller areas

Paddle wheel design breaks water flow

helping to de-gas and aerate water


Aquascape BioBalls™ provide a textured surface area (19 sq. inches per BioBall™) for beneficial bacteria to colonize

and grow. Aquascape BioBalls™ are the ideal fi ltration media for use in all biological filtration. Each box contains

100 balls, a net and fits perfectly in the Aquascape MicroFalls®.

• Easy to clean and maintain

• Textured surface for optimum bacteria growth

• Can be used for filtration or in de-gassing towers

• Will not break like pegged BioBalls™

(100 pcs.) 1.5" diameter

(Unit Weight: 2.8 lbs.)


Aquascape UltraKlean™ BioBalls™ are designed specifically to trap dirt and debris when used in

conjunction with Aquascape UltraKlean™ Pressure Filters. UltraKlean™ BioBalls™ sink and provide

a textured surface ideal for the colonization of beneficial bacteria in submerged applications.

(250 pcs.) .75" diameter

(Unit Weight: 1.5 lbs.)

SKU Description Price Order
98464 Bioballs 100 pcs 1.5" diameter   Call to Order
95055 Bioballs 250 pcs .75" diameter   Call to Order



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