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Atlantic Pond Filtration Systems


Atlantic Water Filterfalls

  • Extra wide spillway enhances the waterfall and aerates the water
  • Open swirl chamber means water flows evenly and efficiently through the filter and pad media
  • Designed to be camouflaged w/ natural materials and plants
  • Comes with FIPT bulkhead fitting, removable grate, media bag(s) and filter pad
SKU Description Price Order
AWG034 Filterfalls 14"  2000 gph 20X15X15 1-1 1/2"   109.99 Call to Order
AWG095 Filterfall 14" Replacement filter pad 8.95 Call to Order
AWG035 Filterfalls 17"  3500 gph 24X27X15 1 1/2"  139.99 Call to Order
AWG100 Filterfall Bf1250 Replacement filter pad 10.95 Call to Order
AWG046 Filterfalls 19"  4000 gph 28X25X19 1-1 1/2"   179.99 Call to Order
AWG101 Filterfall Bf1500 Replacement filter pad 18.95 Call to Order
AWG104 Filterfall Bf2000 Replacement filter pad 23.95 Call to Order
AWG052 FilterFalls 19" 5000 gph 2" bulkhead 339.99 Call to Order
AWG103 Filterfall Bf1900 Replacement filter pad 18.95 Call to Order
AWG053  FilterFalls 26" 6000 gph 2" bulkhead  409.99 Call to Order
AWG105 Filterfall Bf2600 Replacement filter pad 24.95 Call to Order
AWG062 FilterFalls 38" 8000 gph 3" bulkhead   659.99 Call to Order
AWG110 Filterfall Bf3800 Replacement filter pad 36.95 Call to Order
AWG111 Filterfall Bf4800 Replacement filter pad 42.95 Call to Order

Atlantic Skimmer and Filterfalls Combo Kits

SKU Description Price Order
FILT23 Atlantic PS4000 & BF1000 Kit 289.99 Call to Order
FILT25 Atlantic PS4000 & BF1250 kit 309.99 Call to Order
FILT27 Atlantic PS4500 & BF1250 Kit 329.99 Call to Order



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