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Alita Air Pumps

Alita Air Pumps--3 year limited warranty

All fish ponds benefit significantly from good aeration.  There is not a more cost-effective method of improving aeration than with an Alita linear air pump.  Well aerated water is cleaner and healthier year round.  In the winter an air pump maintains an ice free area for healthy gaseous exchange.

Compact and Powerful
Alita Air Pumps incorporate electro-magnets, which act upon permanent magnets, providing perfectly-balanced vibration and allowing a compact but powerful device.

Alita Air Pumps for Ponds and Water Gardens
The only moving parts consist of an actuating rod supported by special synthetic rubber diaphragms which vibrate laterally, permitting long-term continuous operation.

Ultra Quiet Operation
All internal moving parts are rubber-spaced to eliminate vibration, and a sturdy, thick-walled metal casing ensures silent operation.

Low Energy Consumption
Operation is based upon the principle of electro-magnetic vibration which eliminates the need for sliding parts, thereby minimizing power consumption, while maintaining high efficiency, as well as long-term reliability.

No Lubrication Necessary
There is no sliding parts and therefore no need for lubrication, unlike conventional designs that can transfer oil-contaminated air into its environment. An added advantage thus is that the exhausted air is always clean, ideal to be used in the environments where clean air is required.

Simple Maintenance
A part from the simple replacement of some components, such as a broken diaphragm, long-term maintenance free operation is possible.
Alita air pumps are UL listed, 115v. 

SKU Description Price Order
AL-40 Alita 40L Air Pump 153.95
AL-60 Alita 60L Air Pump 185.95
AL-80 Alita 80L Air Pump 245.95
Al-100 Alita 100L Air Pump 389.95
AL-120 Alita 120L Air Pump 419.95
AL-150 Alita 150L Air Pump 569.95


Alita 200L Air Pump 649.95
106C 6" Alita Air Diffuser stone 11.95
110C 10" Alita Air Diffuser stone 15.95
112C 12" Alita Air Diffuser stone 17.95

ALITA Linear Air Pump (AL-6A, 15A)

Alita 12.5L Air Pump
  • Uniform and steady air flow
  • Solid aluminum body construction for ultra quiet operation and minimum vibration
  • High performance and quality components with specially engineered rubber diaphragms
  • Compact design and very low energy consumption
  • 24/7 continuous trouble free operation
  • UL outdoor listing
  • 2 years limited warranty
SKU Description Price Order
AL6A Alita 12.5L Air Pump 104.95
AL15A Alita 17L Air Pump 114.95
Model Voltage Rated
Input Power
Weight Certification
AL-6A 115V
0.1 bar
(1.4 psi)
12.5 lpm (0.4 cfm) 9W 27 dB 2.4 kg (5.3 lb) UL
AL-15A 17 lpm (0.6 cfm) 17W 29 dB 2.4 kg (5.4 lb) UL
*Aeration for large aquarium (minimum 500+ gallons), multiple fish tanks or small fish ponds, etc.
3.75" Disc Air Diffuser By Alita Industries.
Extremely durable and washable (reusable) air diffusing media.
Manufactured with brown Adamantine Spar (corundum/alumina) under ultra high tempeature and pressure.
Applicable in Acidic or Alkaline waters (low or high pH)
Ozone resistant.
Suitable for aquarium, koi pond, fish hatchery and aquaculture applications
dimensions: 6", 9" & 12"  (effective lenghs x diameter)
included fittings:

1/4" + 1/2" barb

for 1/4" or 1/2" ID flexible tubing

1/2" MPT for any PVC fitting with 1/2" FPT
1" Spigot for any PVC fitting with 1" SLIP
SKU Description Price Order
ASD-100C Alita 3.75" disc Air Diffuser Stone 8.95
AS-3015C Alita 1.5" Sphere air Diffuser Stone 3.95
AS-3020C Alita 2" Sphere air Diffuser Stone 6.95
C30D-106CN Alita Tube Diffuser Stone 6" 9.95
C30D-109CN Alita Tube Diffuser Stone 9" 14.95
C30D-112CN Alita Tube Diffuser Stone 12" 19.95



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