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Black Waterfall Foam ~ Pond Accessories


Expanding Black Waterfall Foam


Expanding black foam simplifies water feature and waterfall creation. Directs water flow over rocks by filling in cracks and voids. Can be used to secure stone edging and contain gravel on bog shelves. Black color blends with pond liner and rocks. Dries Fast! Lasts Longer! Ready to trim within one hour. Closed cell formula will not harden or shrink. Each can delivers approximately 750 cubic inches of cured foam (1/2 diameter bead would be over 500 long).
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Sav437 Savio Black Waterfall Foam 26.25


Triple-Expanding Black Waterfall Foam from Atlantic

Atlantic FallsFoam

Triple-expanding black waterfall foam. HandiFoam. Fish-safe Atlantic FallsFoam.

UV-protected. Use to attach rocks to spillways and to direct water over the falls.

SKU Description Price Order
ATLWTF Atlantic Black Waterfall Foam 16.95



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