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Pond De-Icers / Pond Heaters


Tetra Pond Deicer Heater

• 300 Watts of Heating Power
• Extremely Energy Efficient
Effective to-20F or -28C
• 15'  Power Cord
• 3 year manufacturer warranty
• UL approved


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26429 Tetra Pond De-icer


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Pondmaster De-Icer Heater

    • 120 Watts of Heating Power Pond DeIcer
    • Extremely Energy Efficient
    • Thermostatic Control to Reduce Heating Time & Save Electricity
    • Internal Electronics Epoxy-Sealed for Extra Watertight Protection
    • Double Watertight Seal
    • 18’ Grounded Power Cord
    • Weather-Resistant
    • Made From Rugged, High Impact ABS Plastic
    • 1-Year Limited Warranty
    • Will Not Harm Flexible Liners or Pre-Formed Ponds
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SUP2175  Pondmaster De-icer 44.95 Call to Order


Floating Pond De-icer   


  • Floating Pond De-Icer
  • Thermostatically controlled -
    turns on at 34 degrees
  • 1250 Watts of Heating Power
  • Fish and Plant Friendly
  • 10' power cord


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P-418    Floating Pond De-icer  1250 Watts 45.95 Call to Order


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Thermo-Pond Heater/De-Icer

The manufacturer says that this is "The World's only energy efficient pond heater! Thermo-Pond is a unique patent-pending pond heater that keeps a hole through the ice in backyard ponds for just pennies a day. In fact, Thermo-Pond can save you up to $30.00 a month in electricity!

Just think, Thermo-Pond pays for itself in as little as 2 months. That's important, especially with today's soaring energy prices and in some cases, shortages. Thermo-Pond allows toxic gases to escape all winter long. Allowing that gas exchange can save the lives of the fish living under the ice.

Thermo-Pond Heater/De-Icer
Thermo-Pond has been tested in the Northwoods of Wisconsin at temperatures dipping down past 30 degrees below Zero Fahrenheit." Thermo-Pond floats on top of the water and is thermostatically controlled to never get hot. Unlike some other heaters, Thermo-Pond will never burn a pond liner or plastic pond. The hole in the top of the Thermo-Pond allows toxic gasses to escape all winter long. Allowing that gas exchange can save the lives of the fish living under the ice.
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8001     Thermo-Pond Heater/De-Icer 89.95 Call to Order

Quick Overview

• Floating or submersible in one convenient de-icer
• Thermostatically controlled to keep your pond from freezing.
• Available in 3 wattages, refer to our convenient zone chart for the proper choice
• Safe in all ponds and will not harm pond liners
• Easy to maintain and clean
• 12' cord
• 2 year warranty
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KH8100 K&H Perfect climate submersible pond de-icer 51.95 Call to Order
KH8115 K&H Perfect climate deluxe pond heater 1500 watt 53.95 Call to Order
KH8125 K&H Perfect climate deluxe pond heater 250 watt 44.95 Call to Order
KH8175 K&H Perfect climate deluxe pond heater 750 watt 49.95 Call to Order

Farm Innovators Heated
Pond Saucer

Heated Pond Saucer

Heated Pond Saucer Features:

Farm Innovators Heated Pond Saucer
Energy efficient, 200-watts.

Low profile design (only 1-1 /4”tall) minimizes wind resistance. Floats on pond surface.

Thermostatically-controlled to operate only when necessary.

Field-tested in a 1500 gallon pond in sub-zero temperatures.

One Year Warranty.

Farm Innovators Heated Pond Saucer.

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FARPS200 Farm Innovators Heated Pond Saucer 44.95 Call to Order

300-Watt Pond De-Icer

Aquascape stainless steel 300-Watt Pond De-icer is ideal for keeping a small hole opening in the ice during cold winter months, and ensures proper gas exchange helping keep fish alive during the winter.
  • Now comes with a 3-year limited warranty
  • Prevents winter fish loss
  • Keeps a small hole in the ice during winter months
  • Helps increase pond oxygen levels w
  • Stainless steel construction prevents corrosion and cracking
  • Low cost to operate
  • Built-in LED light indicates when heater is in use
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39000 Aquascape 300 watt Pond De-Icer 103.98  Call to Order



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