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TetraPond Wheatgerm Sticks


TetraPond Spring and Fall Diet

"Easily Digested Koi Food Ideal for Winter Feeding"

  • Easily Digestible 
  • Will Not Cloud Water 
  • Feeding Season: Early Spring, Fall, and Winter 

This high quality Wheatgerm food is extremely easy for Koi to digest - even when kept in a European climate - and forms a perfectly balanced diet which will stimulate growth and fertility as well as ensuring your Koi are kept active and healthy. Importantly, the excellent digestion rate is maintained even during cold seasons.

The high Wheatgerm content has also been enriched with Spirulina algae, natural color enhancers, vitamin E and stabilized vitamin C to ensure that your Koi exhibit splendid coloration and vitality.
SKU Description Price Order
16467 TetraPond Spring and Fall Diet for Koi 7.05 ozs (1L) canister 8.99 Call to Order
16481 TetraPond Spring and Fall Diet for Koi 30 ozs (4L) canister 25.99 Call to Order
16469    TetraPond Spring and Fall Diet for Koi 3 lbs (7L) box 44.99 Call to Order
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