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TetraPond Floating Koi Sticks


TetraPond Floating Koi Sticks/Koi Vibrance

A complete and balanced diet to be fed during the warmer spring, summer and autumn months.

  • Color Enhancers & Stabilized Vitamin C Added 
  • Completely Digestible 
  • Naturally Balanced 
  • Will Not Cloud Water 
  • Feeding Season: Late Spring, Summer, Early Fall

This floating food stick with natural color enhancers in a larger size box is the result of extensive research into the dietary requirements of Koi. It quickly softens on the water surface enabling it to be easily digested and resulting in less waste for your filter to remove.


Koi have slightly different nutritional needs to other pond fish, and they also require extra color enhancers in order to look their best. TetraPond Floating Koi Sticks meet these requirements via their extensively researched and proven formulation. They will provide Koi and other pond fish with a complete, highly digestible diet, leading to maximum health, condition and color.   For great results, use with TetraPond Growth Food for Koi.
SKU Description Price Order
16359 TetraPond Floating Koi Sticks 4.94oz (1L) canister 6.99 Call to Order
16494 TetraPond Floating Koi Sticks 1.43 lbs (4L) box 19.99 Call to Order
16485 TetraPond Floating Koi Sticks 2.42 lbs (7L) box      25.99 Call to Order
16459 TetraPond Floating Koi Sticks 3.08 lbs (10L) bucket 36.99 Call to Order
16486 TetraPond Floating Koi Sticks 5.18 lbs (15L) box 46.99 Call to Order
16491 TetraPond Floating Koi Sticks 8.27 lbs box 73.99 Call to Order
16458    TetraPond Floating Koi Sticks 16.5 lbs (40L) box 122.99 Call to Order



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