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Aquatic Plants Submerged

  All plants on this page are submerged aquatic plants

Hornwort / Coontail



  Submerged Water Plants


Water Pond Plants


  ZONE 5 - Submerged but unrooted bright feathery green foliage turns almost black in winter when dormant. Easy to grow and durable   ZONE 5 - Whirls of deep green leaves. Occasionally sends tiny (1/4") white flowers to the surface. The most commonly used oxygenator

Parrot Feather


Eel Grass

  Underwater Plants

  Water Garden Plants

  ZONE 6 -- Same as M. aquaticum listed in the Shallow Water section but sold here as banded, unrooted bunches.   Zone 4 - The slender grass-like leaves can reach 36” in length. Sways gracefully in slow moving water.



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