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Ultraviolet Sterilizer Tetra GreenFree UV Clarifiers


TetraPond® dependable UV clarifiers use ultraviolet light to destroy the reproductive activity of suspended single-cell algae, resulting in clear, green-free water.

Dead algae then clump together into particles large enough to be removed by filtration, leaving the pond cleaner and clearer. GreenFree Clarifiers usually remove heavy algae blooms within eight days and keep water clear and green-free.

  • UV Bulb (made by Phillips)
    Effective for 11 months of continuous operation.
  • High-clarity Quartz Tube
  • Stainless Steel Insert
    Reflective surface increases UV exposure. Prevents internal degradation of plastic housings.
  • Mounting Brackets
  • Fits standard tubing
  • Quick-release Couplings
  • 3 Year limited warranty

9 watt UV

Pond Size: 1800 gallons
Max Flow: 900 gph
Tubing: 3/4", 1", 1 1/4"

18 watt UV

Pond Size: 4400 gallons
Max Flow: 2200 gph
Tubing: 3/4", 1", 1 1/4"

36 watt UV

Pond Size: 8800 gallons
Max Flow: 4400 gph
Tubing: 3/4", 1", 1 1/4"

SKU Description Price Order
TET19523 Tetra Green-Free UVC-5 128.95 Order Tetra Mini
Tet19520 Tetra Green-Free UVC-9 161.95 Order Tetra Mini
tet19521 Tetra Green-Free UVC-18 215.95 Order Tetra Mini
tet19522 Tetra Green-Free UVC-36 267.95 Order Tetra Mini
The permanent solution to green water! Stay GreenFree" for crystal clear viewing pleasure with GreenFree UV Clarifiers.  When pond water enters the UV clarifier and runs past the UV-C bulb, the UV light destroys algae.  It is then removed by filtration.  Benefits include: clarifies algae blooms in less than five days and prevents recurrence, reduces overall maintenance, and delivers full power from one bulb for over a year.
Description SKU Price Order
Tetra Mini/UVC5 Replacement Bulb     5 Watt TET19526 19.95 Order Tetra Mini Replacement Bulb
Tetra GreenFree UV1/UVC9 Replacement Bulb     9 Watt TET19527 23.95 Order Tetra UV1 Replacement Bulb
Tetra GreenFree UV2 Replacement Bulb     18 Watt TET19528 39.95 Order Tetra UV2 Replacement Bulb
Tetra GreenFree UV3 Replacement Bulb     36 Watt TET19529 46.95 Order Tetra UV3 Replacement Bulb
Tetra GreenFree UV Mini Quartz Tube 29545 45.95 Order Tetra UV3 Replacement Bulb
Tetra GreenFree UV1 Quartz Tube 29540 45.95 Order Tetra UV3 Replacement Bulb
Tetra GreenFree UV2 Quartz Tube 29541 51.95 Order Tetra UV3 Replacement Bulb
Tetra GreenFree UV3 Quartz Tube 29542 67.95 Order Tetra UV3 Replacement Bulb
Tetra Greenfree UVC-5 quartz tube tet19530 33.95 Order Tetra UV3 Replacement Bulb
Tetra Greenfree UVC-9/UVC-18 Quartz Tube tet19531 38.95 Order Tetra UV3 Replacement Bulb
Tetra Greenfree UVC-36 Quartz Tube tet19533 53.95 Order Tetra UV3 Replacement Bulb

How to get rid of green water?

Algae in the form of "Green Water" commonly occurs in ponds. The algae itself is not a problem but it looks unsightly and hides your fish.

Fortunately there are a number of things you can do to rid yourself of green water. Algae requires nutrients and sunlight to thrive - so therefore the goal of the pond keeper is deny algae these ingredients.

  • Shade as much of the water as possible with lilies and other aquatic plants. Algae requires sunlight - so floating plants prevent sunlight from feeding the algae.
  • All aquatic plants absorb nutrients from the water that would otherwise be used for algae.
  • Feed your plants only as directed. Fertilizer tablets can be inserted into the soil - so the fertilizer is absorbed by the plant roots with very little released into the water for algae to consume.
  • Aqua-Zyme
  • AquaRem
  • A guaranteed way to keep water clear is the addition of a UV Clarifier.  Exposure to the correct wavelengths of UV light kill the DNA in algae. Once it dies and clumps together, the external filter can filter it out. This has become a very popular and effective way dealing with green water.
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