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Atlantic Water Skimmers

  • Rigid skimmer basket makes cleaning easy
  • Unique weir design improves skimming action and prevents fish from entering the skimmer
  • Skimmer enclosure houses and hydes the pump
  • Extra wide basket and filter mat means less maintenance
  • Cross flow design makes pump access and removal easy
  • Prefilter water and protects against pump clog-up and loss of water flow
  • Warranted for life
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SKU Description Price Order
PS3000 Pond Skimmer used in addition to main skimmer  199.99
PS4000 Pond Skimmer 6 in. 2500 gph              179.99
PS4500 Pond Skimmer 8 in. 3500 gph 199.99
ATLSM4 Replacement Skimmer filter pad for ps4000/ps4500 20.95
PS4600 Pond Skimmer 6 in. 3800 gph  359.99
ATLSM6 Replacement Skimmer filter pad for ps4600/ps4900 28.95
PS7000 Pond Skimmer 9 in. 7500 gph  459.99
ATLSM7 Replacement Skimmer filter pad for ps6000/ps7000/ps9500 44.95

Atlantic Skimmer and Filterfalls Combo Kits

SKU Description Price Order
FILT23 Atlantic PS4000 & BF1000 Kit 289.99
FILT25 Atlantic PS4000 & BF1250 kit 309.99
FILT27 Atlantic PS4500 & BF1250 Kit 329.99


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