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Sicce Pond Pumps


Sicce Pond Pumps Sicce Pond Water Pumps

Syncra pond pumps are much quieter and put less heat into the water. Further, the power factor is much higher and the pumps will pay for themselves over the 3-year warranty period in electrical consumption. Sicce’s advanced technology provides many more years of service beyond the warranty period. Syncra models have an an extended 5 year warranty when registered.


Sicce Syncra and Voyager models have no mechanical stop or clutch. Better electronics and sound engineering make them timer safe without damaging the pump. Turning in the correct direction on startup is one thing, but not damaging the pump over the long term with timing intervals of 4 seconds is another. Sicce can do it.


Synchronized Syncra Pond Pumps

  • Synchronizes the impeller with the windings, so no dead spots
  • Makes them quieter
  • More efficient
  • Cooler running
  • Can work with all wave makers with no issues

Syncra Advanced technology

  • Stable and reliable
  • Makes Sicce less expensive to run
  • Prevents release of excess heat into the aquarium
  • Gives owners high quality and dependable products
  • More energy efficient, re-coop the extra cost in electricity savings
  • Quiet running pumps!


SKU Description Price Order
SIC001 Sicce Syncra 0.5 - 185 GPH Pond Pump 58.95 Order Sicce
SIC002 Sicce Syncra 1.0 - 251 GPH Pond Pump 71.95 Order Sicce
SIC003 Sicce Syncra 1.5 - 357 GPH Pond Pump 86.95 Order Sicce
SIC004 Sicce Syncra 2.0 - 568 GPH Pond Pump 106.95 Order Sicce
SIC005 Sicce Syncra 3.5 - 714 GPH Pond Pump 167.95 Order Sicce
SIC006 Sicce Syncra 3.0 - 650 GPH Pond Pump 148.95 Order Sicce
SIC007 Sicce Syncra 4.0 - 951 GPH Pond Pump 183.95 Order Sicce
SIC008 Sicce Syncra 5.0 - 1321 GPH Pond Pump 217.95 Order Sicce

SYNCRA DW Line Pond Pumps

The new Syncra DW line is a complete range of  multi-purpouse utility pumps - from 2.150 L/h to 5.000 L/h up to 3,8 meters max feet.

Syncra DW are solid pumps that find their natural application in the creation of waterfalls and streams and when used in combination  with any pond filtration system : external pressurized filters, sterilizing UVC systems.

Thanks to the protective grill, that permits solids up to 2mm to pass through , this pump line is ideal for draining ponds, aquariums and cellars.

All pumps have threaded inlets, to be used with tubes of different diameters.

SKU Description Price Order
SIC021 Sicce Syncra DW 2.0 - 568 GPH Pond Pump 100.95 Order Sicce
SIC022 Sicce Syncra DW 3.5 - 714 GPH Pond Pump 151.95 Order Sicce
SIC023 Sicce Syncra DW 3.0 - 650 GPH Pond Pump 141.95 Order Sicce
SIC024 Sicce Syncra DW 4.0 - 951 GPH Pond Pump 174.95 Order Sicce
SIC025 Sicce Syncra DW 5.0 - 1321 GPH Pond Pump 209.95 Order Sicce


Syncra Pond Pumps are grounded high performance pumps which ensure high energy savings, quiet operation, ergonomic design, resistance to harsh conditions, and reliability. Innovative technology makes these pumps ideal for ponds, indoor and outdoor fountains, and all submersible and inline applications which require high performance and total silence.

Thanks to Sicce's 35 years of experience, Syncra Silent are equipped with a synchronous motor and an advanced rotor which makes them efficient and silent. Synchronous motors have the following advantages over non-synchronous motors:
• Speed is independent of the load, providing an adequate field current is applied.
• Accurate control in speed and position using open loop controls is possible.

Their power factor can be adjusted to unity by using a proper field current relative to the load. A "capacitive" power factor, (current phase leads voltage phase), can be obtained by increasing this current slightly, which can help achieve a better power factor correction

SKU Description Price Order
SIC011 Sicce Syncrapond 0.5 - 185 GPH Pond Pump/fountain 71.95 Order Sicce
SIC012 Sicce Syncrapond 1.0 - 251 GPH Pond Pump/fountain 83.95 Order Sicce
SIC013 Sicce Syncrapond 1.5 - 357 GPH Pond Pump/fountain 92.95 Order Sicce
SIC014 Sicce Syncrapond 2.0 - 568 GPH Pond Pump/fountain 116.95 Order Sicce
SIC015 Sicce Syncrapond 3.5 - 714 GPH Pond Pump/fountain 186.95 Order Sicce
SIC016 Sicce Syncrapond 3.0 - 650 GPH Pond Pump/fountain 156.95 Order Sicce
SIC017 Sicce Syncrapond 4.0 - 951 GPH Pond Pump/fountain 203.95 Order Sicce
SIC018 Sicce Syncrapond 5.0 - 1321 GPH Pond Pump/fountain 226.95 Order Sicce


The Syncra High Flow pumps from Sicce are the newest addition to the product offering from the veteran Italian pump manufacturer. The Syncra 10, 12 and 16 are high capacity water pumps which feature silent operation, a very efficient synchronous motor and respectable flow curves that top out at 15 feet/5 meters of head pressure. We especially like that these high flow Sicce Symcra pumps are versatile with threaded inlets and outlets and the ability to run submerged or externally.


The Sicce Syncra 10 pumps 2500gph at 145 watts, the Syncra 12 does 3200 gph at 165 watts and the Syncra 16 does 4200 gph at 190 watts. The new Sicce Syncra High Flow pumps are due to arrive stateside in the next month or so with pricing yet to be announced.  Sicce does one thing and they do it well: building dependable and efficient water pumps and these new Syncra HF water pumps will probably be strongly contenders for mission-critical and efficiently designed aquarium and pond setups.

SKU Description Price Order
SIC058 Sicce Syncra 10 - 2500 GPH Pond Pump 372.95 Order Sicce
SIC059 Sicce Syncra 12 - 3200 GPH Pond Pump 415.95 Order Sicce
SIC060 Sicce Syncra 16 - 4200 GPH Pond Pump 461.95 Order Sicce
Durable, submersible filters are popular for their ease of installation and simple maintenance to keep the pond water environment biologically balanced.
They are particularly suitable when effective and powerful filtering is required.
Equipped with fountain heads and pump included.
EcoPond 1 includes waterbell, waterlily, single daisy, and double daisy fountain heads.
Models 2, 3, & 4 include large waterbell, and daisy super three-stages.

TWO year warranty. 20' power cord.


Available in:

SIC041 -EcoPond 1 includes 185-gph pump

SIC042 -EcoPond 2 includes 357-gph pump

SIC042 -EcoPond 2 includes 357-gph pump

SIC043 -EcoPond 4 includes 714-gph pump
SKU Description Price Order
SIC041 Sicce Filter/Pump/Fountain Kit Eco Pond 1 114.95 Order Sicce
SIC042 Sicce Filter/Pump/Fountain Kit Eco Pond 2 137.95 Order Sicce
SIC043 Sicce Filter/Pump/Fountain Kit Eco Pond 3 196.95 Order Sicce
SIC044 Sicce Filter/Pump/Fountain Kit Eco Pond 4 216.95 Order Sicce



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