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External Cal Pumps for Water Gardens and Ponds

- Magnetic Drive Pumps  -  Stainless Steel & Bronze Pumps
 - Aluminum Pumps - Epoxy encapsulated Pond Pumps -
- Large Volume submersible Pumps - Torpedo Pump -
New Mag Drive Waterfall Pump

These magnetic drive waterfall pumps use up to 40-60% less electricity than direct drive pumps.  Come with a one year warranty.  1 1/2" intake and output.  20' powercord. 

SKU Description Price Order
FRA096 Cal Magdrive Waterfall Pump 2600gph 174.95 Order Speck 90-l
FRA097 Cal Magdrive Waterfall Pump 3900gph 197.95 Order Speck 90-l
FRA098 Cal Magdrive Waterfall Pump 5200gph 254.95 Order Speck 90-l

Stainless Steel & Bronze Pumps

Cal Pumps longtime customers rely on our stainless steel and bronze pumps, and once you've owned one, you'll know why. Five different models with flow rates from 225 gph to 2700 gph cover a wide variety of uses. All pumps in this series come with a two-year warranty and will provide trouble free use in freshwater, saltwater or chlorinated water (3-5ppm). You can even use it in hot water up to 110°F! 

6' or 20' power cords are standard. Stainless steel and bronze pumps are widely used in Koi ponds, water gardening, and applications where dependability and longevity are a must.

Cal Pump Stainless Steel & Bronze Pumps
SKU Description Price Order
FRA101 Cal Pump S225T20 137.95
FRA102 Cal Pump S320T20  152.95
FRA103 Cal Pump S580T20 216.95
FRA104 Cal Pump S900T20    231.95
FRA100 Cal Pump S1200T20  245.95
FRA110 Cal Positioning Bracket for S580 S900 S1200 11.95
SKU Description Price Order
FRA105 Cal Plastic Screen fits 1" FNPT 7.95
FRA106 Cal Plastic Screen fits 1/2" and 3/4" FNPT 8.95

Large Volume submersible Pumps

The sound of a waterfall cascading down rocks into a pond or stream enhances the auditory experience in a way no other water feature can. A waterfall further benefits fish and plant life by oxygenating the water as it returns to its basin. 

waterfall pumps are solidly constructed with non-corrosive components, ceramic mechanical seal and brass insert in the 1 1/4" discharge. Their water-cooled design ensures safe and efficient operation without fear of harm to ornamental fish or aquatic plants.

Cal Pump Large Volume submersible Pumps
SKU Description Price Order
FRA092 Cal Pump PW2500    188.95
FRA093 Cal Pump PW3500     215.95
FRA094 Cal Pump PW4500            241.95
FRA095 Cal Pump PW5500 277.95
SKU Description Price Order

Torpedo Pump

The first pump designed for the pond enthusiast that is lightweight, water cooled, uses no oil and can be used in or out of water. Its high volume water flow and low energy consumption makes it the most unique pond pump available, and it requires no tools for installation.

Cal Pump Torpedo Pump
SKU Description Price Order
FRA115 Cal Pump T1500  188.95
FRA116 Cal Pump T4000    237.95
FRA117 Cal Pump T7500  394.95
FRA114 Cal Pump T10000         448.95
FRA125 Plastic Suction Strainer 1.5"   13.95
FRA126 Plastic Suction Strainer 3" 22.95



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