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Pondmaster Air Pumps and Diffusers


Pondmaster Air Pumps

Pondmaster Air Pump with Diffuser, 2900 cu. in./min. The FEATURES
• Energy-efficient
• Easy to use
• Quiet operation
• High volume with steady air flow
• No lubrication necessary
• Single outlet discharge
• Air diffuser included

MAir volume
Cord Length
AP-40 (UPC 4540)
2900 cu.in/min
5/8" I.D.
SKU Description Price Order
SUP04520 Pondmaster AP20 1700 w/diffuser 113.99
SUP04540 Pondmaster AP40 2900 w/diffuser 146.95
SUP04560 Pondmaster AP60 3600 w/diffuser 185.95
SUP04580 Pondmaster AP100 8900 w/diffuser 212.95
Sup14505 Pondmaster AP20 Manifold 7.95
SUP14525 Pondmaster AP20 Diaphragm Kit 7.95
Sup14515 Pondmaster AP40 Manifold 7.95
Sup14545 Pondmaster AP40 Diaphragm Kit 7.95
Sup14550 Pondmaster AP60 Manifold 8.95
Sup14555 Pondmaster AP60 Diaphragm Kit 8.95
Sup14560 Pondmaster AP100 Manifold 10.95
Sup14565 Pondmaster AP100 Diaphragm Kit 10.95
Small 6" Straight Air Diffuser

Pondmaster Air Diffusers handle your pond and pond air pump with large tubing connections. Membrane designs are easier to clean than traditional airstones. Diffusers stay down easily by filling supplied nylon bags with gravel. Includes 1/2" barb connector and 1/2" barb plug. Works with 1/2" or 5/8" tubing. For use with Air Pumps #04520, 04540, 04560 & 04580

The Pondmaster Air Diffuser Kit is used with the AP-20 and AP-40 Air Pumps. This kit includes a 6" straight diffuser and 20 ft. of 5/8" tubing

Pondmaster Air Diffusers connects to a pond air pump to introduce more oxygen into your pond. This air diffuser works with 3/4" or 1" tubing.

This air diffuser ring has 48 square inches of active surface area.

Keep the diffuser on the bottom of the pond by filling the supplied nylon bag with gravel.

  • Maximum Pressure: 125 psi
  • Minimum Recommended Depth: 6"
  • Diffuser Surface Area: 48 sq. in.
SKU Description Price Order
SUP14570 Pondmaster Air Diffuser 6" Straight 13.95
SUP14575 Pondmaster Air Diffuser Kit W/Tubing 28.95
SUP14580 Pondmaster Air Diffuser 7" Round 28.95



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