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Aquascape Pond Aerator and Air Pumps

Aquascape Air Pumps

It is vital to maintain a very high level of oxygen in a garden pond. The oxygen content in the pond is subject to heavy fluctuations. This is because plants and algae which produce oxygen during the day through solar energy, switch their metabolism at night and use up most of the available oxygen. This natural process depletes almost all of the oxygen supply. Therefore, the survival of the fish and other organisms is especially endangered during the early hours of the day.

Alita Air Pumps for Ponds and Water Gardens


The oxygen depletion problem is magnified through dead algae, plants, or superfluous fish food, particularly in warm water. These microorganisms use up an enormous amount of oxygen. This reduces the oxygen level for the fish and other organisms, thereby threatening their survival. In other words, when the biological balance is destroyed, pond life could die within a few hours.

Using an Aquascape Pond Aerator increases water circulation, prevents stagnation, and injects air into the water. It increases oxygen levels in the pond or filter chamber, thus improving fish health and filter efficiency.

Oxygenates your pond for healthier plants and fish
Promotes a cleaner environment as it increases the breakdown of fish waste
Use it to help prevent icing-over of your pond in the colder weather

SKU Description Price Order
75000 AQUASCAPE Pond Aerator 2 double Outlet Kit 47.98
75001 AQUASCAPE Pond Aerator 4 quadruple outlet kit 87.98
61000 AQUASCAPE Pond Aerator Pro 60 260.98
75005 AQUASCAPE Pond Air Replacement Disc 4.78
75003 AQUASCAPE Pond Air Replacement Diaphragm Kit 12.78
75004 AQUASCAPE Pond Air Replacement Diaphragm Kit (2/pkg) 23.98
61001 AQUASCAPE Pond Air Pro 8" Aeration Disc 40.49




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