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Pond De-Icers / Pond Heaters


Tetra Pond Deicer Heater

• 300 Watts of Heating Power
• Extremely Energy Efficient
Effective to-20F or -28C
• 15'  Power Cord
• 3 year manufacturer warranty
• UL approved


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26429 Tetra Pond De-icer



Pondmaster De-Icer Heater

    • 120 Watts of Heating Power Pond DeIcer
    • Extremely Energy Efficient
    • Thermostatic Control to Reduce Heating Time & Save Electricity
    • Internal Electronics Epoxy-Sealed for Extra Watertight Protection
    • Double Watertight Seal
    • 18’ Grounded Power Cord
    • Weather-Resistant
    • Made From Rugged, High Impact ABS Plastic
    • 1-Year Limited Warranty
    • Will Not Harm Flexible Liners or Pre-Formed Ponds
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SUP2175  Pondmaster De-icer 44.95


Floating Pond De-icer   


  • Floating Pond De-Icer
  • Thermostatically controlled -
    turns on at 34 degrees
  • 1250 Watts of Heating Power
  • Fish and Plant Friendly
  • 10' power cord


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P-418    Floating Pond De-icer  1250 Watts 45.95


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Thermo-Pond Heater/De-Icer

The manufacturer says that this is "The World's only energy efficient pond heater! Thermo-Pond is a unique patent-pending pond heater that keeps a hole through the ice in backyard ponds for just pennies a day. In fact, Thermo-Pond can save you up to $30.00 a month in electricity!

Just think, Thermo-Pond pays for itself in as little as 2 months. That's important, especially with today's soaring energy prices and in some cases, shortages. Thermo-Pond allows toxic gases to escape all winter long. Allowing that gas exchange can save the lives of the fish living under the ice.

Thermo-Pond Heater/De-Icer
Thermo-Pond has been tested in the Northwoods of Wisconsin at temperatures dipping down past 30 degrees below Zero Fahrenheit." Thermo-Pond floats on top of the water and is thermostatically controlled to never get hot. Unlike some other heaters, Thermo-Pond will never burn a pond liner or plastic pond. The hole in the top of the Thermo-Pond allows toxic gasses to escape all winter long. Allowing that gas exchange can save the lives of the fish living under the ice.
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8001     Thermo-Pond Heater/De-Icer 89.95

Quick Overview

• Floating or submersible in one convenient de-icer
• Thermostatically controlled to keep your pond from freezing.
• Available in 3 wattages, refer to our convenient zone chart for the proper choice
• Safe in all ponds and will not harm pond liners
• Easy to maintain and clean
• 12' cord
• 2 year warranty
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KH8100 K&H Perfect climate submersible pond de-icer 51.95
KH8115 K&H Perfect climate deluxe pond heater 1500 watt 53.95
KH8125 K&H Perfect climate deluxe pond heater 250 watt 44.95
KH8175 K&H Perfect climate deluxe pond heater 750 watt 49.95

Farm Innovators Heated
Pond Saucer

Heated Pond Saucer

Heated Pond Saucer Features:

Farm Innovators Heated Pond Saucer
Energy efficient, 200-watts.

Low profile design (only 1-1 /4”tall) minimizes wind resistance. Floats on pond surface.

Thermostatically-controlled to operate only when necessary.

Field-tested in a 1500 gallon pond in sub-zero temperatures.

One Year Warranty.

Farm Innovators Heated Pond Saucer.

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FARPS200 Farm Innovators Heated Pond Saucer 44.95

Laguana Power Heat

Pond Heater Deicer

  • Powerheat heated deicer will keep an area thawed and open in the pond.
  • Allows the release of toxic gases from fish respiration and decomposing organic matter.
  • 15 watt heating element prevents snow or ice build up on top of the unit.
  • Plastic And Metal.
  • Dimensions (L x W x H):0.63 x 0.63 x 0.43
  • 315 Watts of warming power to keep your fish happy in the winter!
  • Floats on water surface.
  • Allows for the addition of an Air Pump.
  • Includes indicator light for power assurance.


Laguna Power Heater De-Icer 500 watt De-Ice for Ponds

The Laguna Power Heat 500 watt De-Icer will keep an area thawed and open in the pond, allowing the release of toxic gases from fish respiration and decomposing organic matter to escape.
At the same time it allows oxygen to re-enter the pond. Safe for plastic and liner ponds, the pond de-icer will not harm fish or plants. The heater has dual zone integrated thermostats to help the heat distribution. Suitable for garden zones 1 to 8 (-6 C / 20 F and below).

Laguna Aeration Kit

Laguna Aeration Kit includes everything you need to enhance the quality of pond water during the cold winter months as well as the hot summer season. In winter, it creates an opening at the pond surface and prevents the surface from completely freezing over. This allows the release of toxic gases and the replenishment of fresh oxygen that is critical for the survival of fish. In the summer, it provides supplemental aeration which improves the quality of pond water and its inhabitants.

Optima air pump.
30 ft (9 m) airline tubing.
1" (2.5 cm) air stone.
Styrofoam float.


Pond De-Icer

Laguna Pond De-Icer helps prevent pond surfaces from completely freezing over and allows necessary gas exchange which is essential for keeping fish alive during the winter. Attached to a Laguna Pump, the De-Icer allows water circulation and oxygenation throughout the winter.


Styrofoam float.
Venturi valve.
Extendable riser stem.

Does not include pump

SKU Description Price Order
PT1642 Laguna 315 Watt Power Heat De-icer 49.95
PT1643 Laguna 500 Watt Power Heat De-icer 83.95
PT1630 Laguna Aeration kit 32.95
PT1645 Laguna De-Icer     9.95
Laguna's pond closing kit includes all of the needed equipment for the fall and winter months.

Fast and easy installation
Helps keep goldfish and koi alive during winter months
Energy efficient

Kit includes:

Keeps an area thawed, preventing the pond from completely freezing and allows for crucial gas exchange.
Safe for plastic and liner ponds, will not harm fish.


Helps prevent pond from completely freezing.
Accelerates gas exchange.
Enhances oxygen levels in pond water.


Protects pond fish from predators.
Keeps leaves and debris out of the pond, reducing maintenance.


Easily digested.
Ideal for fall and spring feeding.

SKU Description Price Order
LAG1649  Laguna Pond Closing Kit  120.95 

300-Watt Pond De-Icer

Aquascape stainless steel 300-Watt Pond De-icer is ideal for keeping a small hole opening in the ice during cold winter months, and ensures proper gas exchange helping keep fish alive during the winter.
  • Now comes with a 3-year limited warranty
  • Prevents winter fish loss
  • Keeps a small hole in the ice during winter months
  • Helps increase pond oxygen levels w
  • Stainless steel construction prevents corrosion and cracking
  • Low cost to operate
  • Built-in LED light indicates when heater is in use
SKU Description Price Order
39000 Aquascape 300 watt Pond De-Icer 103.98 



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